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Lisa Calderwood, LCSW, CCTP, CTMH, CGP.


Hi there!   Let me tell you a little about myself.


I have over 20 years experience in social work and teaching. I have my Bachelor's of Arts degree in Social Work from Idaho State University in the year 2000. While I was going to college to earn my bachelor's degree, I substitute taught in grade schools in Idaho Falls from 1995-1997. In 1999, I worked at Behavioral Health Center as a psych tech in charge of the pediatric and adolescent unit. While I had full time employment, the last semester of college at ISU, I completed a practicum with Child Protection Services in Idaho Falls. I love working with children and helping families! My first job as a Licensed Social Worker (LSW), was with Children Supportive Services in the year 2000. I worked in the Partial Care with kids and teenagers and PSR with children, adults and families in Idaho Falls.


In 2002, I went back to school to obtain my Master's Degree in Social Work (MSW) at Walla Walla College. While working on my clinical degree at the master's level, I worked at the partial care in Blackfoot at Children Supportive Services and with 1 PSR family. I was able to conduct my practicum for therapy while working there with the family.  I also worked at Mental Wellness Center to learn how to do case management services and conduct therapy with adults. These were great experiences! I graduated with my Master's degree in 2003 and passed my License of Master Degree (LMSW) that spring and began working in a private practice setting in Idaho Falls to begin my 3000 clinical hours to prepare to obtain my independent licensure for Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW). I decided to move to Twin Falls in 2004 to work in private practice, obtain a new clinical supervisor and worked as a Jr High Counselor and Administrator at Robert Stuart Jr High. My time in Twin Falls was invaluable to my career and knowledge. I completed my clinical supervision of therapy hours in 2005 and moved back to Idaho Falls to work at State Hospital South in Blackfoot. After 6 months there in 2006, I moved on to another agency to work with adults doing PSR while I studied to take my LCSW exam. I knew at this point I wanted to work with clients of all ages, individuals, couples and families. I passed my LCSW exam December 2006. I started being able to bill for therapy and used play therapy with children and family therapy. I learned Rapid Eye Technology to help people with stress and trauma. This is a wonderful energy approach to heal the brain and body from past trauma and negative patterns which get in your way.


September of 2007 I opened up New Dawn Counseling, LLC™, my own private practice on 17th Street where Natural Grocers is now. I loved that building! In 2010, I took both weekends of training for EMDR and received my certificate of completion to be completely trained in using this treatment approach. This allowed me to take advanced trainings in EMDR, which I was able to take trainings to use play therapy approaches with EMDR. I also obtained more EMDR training with complex PTSD with dissociation and emotional dysregulation for children. I've found this approach to also help adults as well. While taking this training of EMDR, I learned how to use EMDR to help with addiction and the process is amazing! This is when I decided I wanted to specialize in PTSD and Grief. I also help with a multitude of issues people struggle with, having a strong emphasis in PTSD and Grief.


This led me to become credentialed as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional in 2015. The training and credential has been invaluable learning and knowledge. 2017 I obtained a credential in natural remedies for mental health workers which was 18 hours of ways to help people use food and diet to help heal physical pain and emotional health. Unfortunately, this credential did not offer new educational units to maintain the credential. I continue using the vast book of information to help people heal using natural remedies and herbs.


This brings me to 2020 and the pandemic. Working from home and using telemental health, I had more time to take online trainings for adding to my credentials and ability to help clients. I now have credentials in Clinical Telemental Health Professional (CTMH), and Certified Grief Professional (CGP).


I am now able to conduct Play Therapy Virtually and dress the part in Batman! 

I look forward to helping you and your family on your journey to healing!


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I Guide You In Your Journey

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